Tarja Systš

Tarja Systš

Phone      +358 3 365 387 7
Fax        +358 3 365 291 3
Snailmail  Tampere University of Technology
           P.O.Box 553
           FIN-33101 Tampere
Room       HC207


In the ATOS project my research focus is on UML-based model transformations and dynamic reverse engineering techniques. In particular, I'm interested in techniques for synthesizing UML statechart diagrams from sequence diagrams. For that purpose, we have implemented two algorithms SCED and MAS. SCED is a fully automatic algorithm that was originally developed in the SCED project. MAS, in turn, is an interactive and semi-automated algorihtm. Jomppa Koskinen has build the actual implementation of MAS. Both of the synthesis algorihtms have been intergrated with the Nokia TED tool.