Master Thesis


Department of Electrical Engineering

Software Systems Laboratory

RAITALAAKSO, TIMO: Dynamic Visualization of C++ Programs with UML Sequence Diagrams

Master of Science Thesis, 54 pages

Examiner: Prof. Kai Koskimies

December 2000

Keywords: dynamic, object-oriented, reverse engineering

An overview to reverse engineering, and especially, dynamic reverse engineering object-oriented software systems is given in this thesis. The focus in dynamic reverse engineering is in describing the behavior of object-oriented systems with UML sequence diagrams, and ways to produce runtime information about interactions between objects in a C++ program.

In this thesis a DYNO system is introduced. DYNO collects the information needed to produce sequence diagrams. With DYNO it is possible to analyze programs that are generated with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. DYNO operates in Windows NT 4.0 environment. Produced sequences are visualized in TED software-engineering environment. DYNO is implemented with COM components. The aim in using COM components is to offer a possibility to get reusable parts to develop similar systems to other object-oriented languages like Java.

The whole thesis in pdf.