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Software development is largely based on standards, conventions, underlying systems and architectures, most notably object-oriented frameworks. However, implementing application-specific code conforming to architectural rules and conventions can be tedious. Fred (Framework Editor) is a research prototype of a generic architecture-oriented development environment for Java (see screenshot). It takes the definition of an architecture as a set of specialization patterns and provides interactive task-based programming assistance. Incorporating adaptive code generation and documentation, the tool effectively demonstrates our methodology to adopt as well as systematically specialize a framework or reuse architectural standard such as Java Beans.

The Fred methodology and programming environment have been developed in a joint research project between University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology, and University of Helsinki. The project has been funded by the National Technology Agency of Finland (Tekes) and by several software companies. JavaFrames is a follow-up project of Fred, aiming to further develop the Fred concept and evaluate it in industry. The JavaFrames project is carried out in co-operation with Nokia Networks, Necsom, Sensor SC, and SysOpen.

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