An Engineering Environment for Web Services



In last couple of years the interest towards Web services has rapidly increased, both from the research and from the business perspective. One of the major reasons for the quick adaption of the concept is that Web services use and rely on well-known XML-based standards such as WSDL and SOAP. A lot of syntactic support for programmatically managing these Web service related languages is available, However, there is currently at best very modest support for controlled Web service modeling and design.

The purpose of EEWES project is to develop techniques and tools to support Web service design and quality assessment. We will study the role of UML for designing Web services. Methods for controlled management of the UML models are also studied. For instance, UML profiles can be adopted for modeling specific Web-service or  platform related architectural rules. Tool support can then be provided for validating the actual models against such rules. We will also propose a pattern-driven approach for architecting Web services.  The Web service quality is assessed, for instance, by detecting and analyzing their run-time usage.

EEWES is funded by TEKES (National Technology Agency) and several Finnish industrial partners (Nokia, Almare, and Solita).