ATOS (Advanced Tools for Object-oriented Software development) is a three year (1999-2002) research project financed by: 

The research is carried out at the Software Systems Laboratory, Tampere University of Technology. The aim is to study advanced tool support for UML based software development. In particular, we are investigating new kinds of automated tool support that could be integrated with a CASE tool.

Our platform for prototype implementations is TED, a software design environment developed and used at Nokia. At least some of the new tools developed by the group are intended to become part of the production version of TED used at Nokia business units and subcontractors.

The main research lines are:

  • Visual UML-integrated scripting mechanisms
  • UML model transformation / abstraction / synthesis / checking techniques
  • Reverse engineering techniques producing UML models.

ATOS project was finished as scheduled on 31st of March, 2002. The tools and techniques produced during the project are being further developed in the UML++ and ART projects.